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Coffee Diploma


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The Roasting modules teach about the roasting process, including roast cycle, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production.

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Foundation Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm (1 day)
Course Fees: RM950
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM350
Foundation Course: 5 Points

The Roasting Foundation course gives the learner an understanding of the roasting process, including the physical changes that take place during the process and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark. Learners will also gain an understanding of the basic structure of the roasting machine, general maintenance, and fire prevention. Practical learning objectives and activities prepare the learner to follow instructions, given by the trainer, for three different roasts and record relevant data and observations per roast using a suitable roast log. A written exam tests theoretical knowledge based on Foundation course learning objectives.

Intermediate Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm ( 3 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM3850
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM595/975
Intermediate Course: 10 Points

Online Support 3 months

The Roasting Intermediate course builds upon the introductory concepts of the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has roasting and desires to gain a deeper understanding of the roast profile, how the profile relates to color, the relationship between roast profile and sensory expression, and the impact of development time. Learners will further explore the physical and chemical changes as well as basic thermodynamics and heat transfer that occurs during the roast. Thereafter there will be an introduction to sample roasting and a review of safety and maintenance protocols in the roasting plant. A written exam tests intermediate course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to roast correctly and remove the coffee at the correct color using a reference, while accurately completing the roast log form.

Professional Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm ( 4 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM5800
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM1050/1450
Professional Course: 25 Points

Online Support 3 months

The Roasting Professional course is designed to build upon the concepts and skills introduced in the Roasting Intermediate course. Learners will gain advanced skills in profile development and sensory analysis evaluation. This course dives deep into a wide range of topics including control and color matching within different and specified time limits; use and configuration of roast profile software; molecules involved in browning reactions; gas formation during roasting process; chemical causes of color and impact on solubility; visual identification of roasting defects; blending and quality control; as well as an exploration of production options to help meet differing customer preferences. A written exam confirms professional course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to roast to different development time targets within narrow limits, score a roast color visually, identify common roast defects through cupping, and finally distinguish between small and large differences in a roast profile to simulate production quality control processes.

COVID 19 Precautions

Your safety is paramount to us. To attend our courses, we will require full COVID-19 vaccination. 

24 hours negative proof for RTK-Antigen self-test or PCR test needed for students who attend the training course.

All courses will follow adjusted cupping protocols; masks and social distancing will be required.