About Us

We believe in sustainability and the profound idea of seed to cup. Therefore, we are avid travellers when it comes to sourcing for the right beans. We work closely with our producers to ensure that the beans sourced are of top quality.

More than just a business, coffee to us is purely bred from passion. As messengers of coffee, we hope to share this dynamic energy and passion with you.

This is why here at Discover Coffee, we explore, dream, and discover good coffee.




When you think about the journey of a single bean and how far it has come from the other side of the world, roasting it is truly an honour. For each batch is indeed a special, knowing there will be someone out there savouring that cup that will brighten their day. As the Head Roaster at Discover Coffee, I develop the roasting profile of each batch, imparting my own thoughts and personality in them. I am passionate about roasting and welcome anyone who want to watch the roasting process – a process that continues to fascinate me even after all these years. I still