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Coffee Diploma


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The Brewing courses cover numerous brewing coffee methods as well as the brewing variables that affect quality. Hands-on learning is emphasized with a focus on grind profiles, brewing methods, coffee strength measurements, and coffee extraction charting.

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30 Aug | 18 Oct
Intermediate 1-2/Sep | 19-20 Oct 
Professional 27-29 Sep

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Foundation Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Course Fees: RM650
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM350
Foundation Course: 5 Points

This Foundation course introduces the learner to the different methods of brewing coffee. The learner will receive theoretical and practical hands-on instruction for a range of devices including automatic and manual gravity brewers, as well as other commonly used brewers within their local culture. Practical learning objectives and activities prepare the learner to produce a tasty brew based on an understanding of the essential brewing elements and an analysis of their brew results. A written exam tests theoretical knowledge based on Foundation course learning objectives.

Intermediate Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm ( 2 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM2250
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM595/975
Intermediate Course: 10 Points

This course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has brewing experience and wants to further explore how to improve coffee quality. This course covers a wide range of topics, including an exploration of the brewing process in terms of device usage; extraction order, and wetting; the essential elements of brewing and their individual influence on the final cup; the scientific measurement of extracted coffee strength and charting a coffee’s extraction; analysis of brewed coffee and espresso and adjustments to consider in order to deliver a correctly extracted, well-balanced cup; and the importance of cleaning and maintenance. A written exam tests intermediate course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to Identify strength and extraction differences in brewed coffee; prepare brews from different devices and diagnose how to correct the recipe for a poorly brewed coffee from an automatic filter brewer.

Professional Level

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm ( 3 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM3800
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM1050/1450
Professional Course: 25 Points

This course builds upon the concepts and skills introduced in the Brewing Intermediate course. Learners take a deeper and more scientific look at the essential elements of good brewing, what happens when brewing parameters are manipulated, and how to master navigation of the coffee brewing control chart. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of water and its impact on brewing, specifically utilizing the ideals of aim, measure, and treatment. The most powerful tools that a professional brewer possesses are an analytical mind and the ability to process and manipulate a multitude of changing variables. These variables help the brewer to understand how best to interpret the information and then offer a solution or opinion that will improve the coffee quality, service, and delivery for their clients. A written exam tests professional course knowledge while a practical exam tests the skills described above based on different working activities carried out during the course.