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Mama Mina | Red Pacamara Natural

Mama Mina | Red Pacamara Natural

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TASTES LIKE pineapple, nectarine, brown sugar
ROAST Medium Light

COUNTRY Nicaragua
REGION Matagalpa
PRODUCER Mierisch family
VARIETY Red Pacamara
ALTITUDE 1315 - 1400 Meter

2023 Los Favoritos # 14 winner

Discovering Mama MinaMama Mina is named after my great-grandmother Mina McEwan. The farm was purchased in 2012 and was initially called La Minita, however since there was already a very famous farm in Costa Rica called La Minita we decided to rename it Mama Mina. The farm is located right next to our other farm La Huella, and both are located inside the Arenal Nature Reserve in the Matagalpa department. The farm has a very unique micro-climate that causes it to have fog for over 60% of the day. This means the farm “auto-shades” itself and does not require many shade trees. This fog also creates cooler temperatures, leading to the cherries' slower maturation.


Variety Information

The Red Pacamara variety is a cross between a Pacas and a Maragogype that was developed in El Salvador. It adapts well to the growing conditions of Central America, however, it is highly susceptible to diseases but it’s cup profile makes it stand out. Very much like the Maragogype, the Red Pacamara is screened 18+ in order to only have large “elephant” beans (although Pacamara is slightly smaller than Maragogype beans). We got our seeds from El Salvador, and they actually obtained their Yellow Pacamara seeds from the Red Pacamara.

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