About Us

At Discover Coffee, we believe that the journey to a great cup of coffee is just as important as the destination. We source our beans directly from the farm, where they're carefully tended by local farmers who know every inch of the land. We work with these farmers to upgrade their lives, to help them see the true potential of their skills, and to share knowledge that has been passed down through generations.


In our Roastery hidden in the north of Kuala Lumpur, we take these carefully tended beans and transform them into something truly special. Our roasting process is a delicate dance of heat and time, where every second counts and every batch is an opportunity to create something unique. We take pride in the way that we roast our beans, knowing that every cup of coffee we serve is a testament to our dedication and passion.


But our journey doesn't end there. We create our own house blend using our secret recipes - a combination of beans that we've sourced from all corners of the globe, each one chosen for its unique flavour profile and characteristics. We believe that every bean has a story to tell, and it's our job to help those stories come to life.


At the heart of Discover Coffee is a belief that coffee is more than just a drink - it's a door to all the coffees of the world. From the hills of Colombia to the sun-drenched plains of Brazil to the highlands of Indonesia, every cup is an exciting journey of discovery. We're proud to be your guide on this journey, and we're committed to sharing the true potential of coffee with the world. So come, take a sip and let us transport you to the far corners of the globe, one cup at a time.




When you think about the journey of a single bean and how far it has come from the other side of the world, roasting it is truly an honour. For each batch is indeed a special, knowing there will be someone out there savouring that cup that will brighten their day. As the Head Roaster at Discover Coffee, I develop the roasting profile of each batch, imparting my own thoughts and personality in them. I am passionate about roasting and welcome anyone who want to watch the roasting process – a process that continues to fascinate me even after all these years. I still