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Las Brujas | Gesha Natural

Las Brujas | Gesha Natural

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TASTES LIKE passion fruit, green tea, vanilla
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter

REGION Boquete, Chiriquí
PRODUCER Ricardo Koyner

Exploring the Kotowa Farm's Award-Winning Coffee

The Kotowa farm has been operating for three generations and boasts several exceptional plots of land. The lot in question comes from a section of the farm named Las Brujas. We had the pleasure of touring Kotowa's farms, visiting their old wet mill and stunning home overlooking the beautiful Boquete mountainside and Baru Volcano. Additionally, Ricardo Koyner owns coffee shops across Panama City and other parts of Panama, so much of the farm's production is used locally, reducing exportable quantities. In 2016, Cafe Kotowa won the 3rd edition of the Best Producer Panama Cup, an honor bestowed upon producers whose coffees reach the final round of each category in the Best of Panama competition. Kotowa consistently ranks among the top-tier coffees produced in Panama each year.


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