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Hacienda La Esmeralda LINO 81S | Geisha Washed

Hacienda La Esmeralda LINO 81S | Geisha Washed

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TASTES LIKE orange blossom, peach, guava
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter

REGION Cañas Verdes, Boquete
PRODUCER Peterson Family
VARIETY Green Tip Geisha

Hacienda La Esmeralda: A Gesha Pioneer

Hacienda La Esmeralda is renowned for being the first to discover the Geisha variety in 2003. The following year, it won its first of many Best of Panama competitions. After Geisha's successful debut in the 2004 auction, much of the Peterson family's energy shifted toward building an infrastructure that could support superior lot separation, meticulous processing, and consistency.

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