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Arbergona | Heirloom CM

Arbergona | Heirloom CM

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TASTES LIKE mango, pineapple, melon
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter

COUNTRY Ethiopia
REGION Arbergona, Sidamo
VARIETY Heirloom

Discovering the Gem of Arbegona's Highland Region

The smallholder farmers in the highland area of Arbegona have been cultivating this gem on small plots ranging from 3-5 hectares. The coffee benefits from the altitude of 2200 masl, and it is processed at the washing station of the same name. Although other crops such as sugar cane, false banana, spices, and vegetables are also grown in the region, coffee remains the primary cash crop.

To improve the living standards of farmers, the washing station operates an out-growers program that provides them with access to healthcare, utilities, education, and transport infrastructure. This program also offers off-season payments in addition to harvest fees, ensuring that farmers are supported year-round.


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