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SCENTONE provides the world's best sensory program in wine, coffee, chocolate, tea and beer. All programs are globally accepted and provide standardized training by certified instructors from Seoul-

Lora Gyeungsun Lee 

-CaffeGather Ceo
-International Coffee Flavorist Instructor
-Sca Ast (All module)
-IWCA_KOREA Board member
-2017.2018WCA(World CoffeeAroma) Championship Head director
-2019Vietnam WCA Head Judge
-2017~2023 Sensory Judge:
WBC,WBR.WCR(World Barista,Brewers,Roasting) National Championship
-ItalianCoffeeChampionship Sensory judge 2017.2019.2020
-National &International Coffee Professional training


Coffee Flavorist LV.1 : Foundation

  • Introduction toSCENTONE By-Pass
  • Coffee Common language in Third Wave Coffee
  • The cause of the absence of the common language
  • Definition and Importance of flavor analysis
  • Development process and application area of THEOREM
  • The Coffee Science and enzymatic reaction
  • Introduction of taste principle / Taste modulation
  • Difference between taste & aroma
  • Coffee Flavor Profiler / Flavor / Aftertast /Acidity/Body
  • Aroma Perception Mechanism
  • Getting accustomed to nine aroma categories
  • SCENTONE By-Pass / Fulfill the nuance paper
  • Sensory: Washed
  • Sensory: Natural
  • Free Beginner Kits

Foundation - 2 days of learning, and exam
Venue: Discover Coffee Lab
Date: 20-21 Sep 2023

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