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Developing your Sensory Skills Kit/开发您的感官技能套件

RM 399.00

minimum spend of RM25.pngSensory Processing – is the effective registration (and accurate interpretation) of sensory input in the environment (including one’s body). It is the way the brain receives, organises and responds to sensory input in order to behave in a meaningful & consistent manner.

感官处理–是在环境(包括人体)中有效注入(和准确解释)感官输入的信息。 这是大脑接收,组织和响应感觉输入的方式,以便以有意义且一致的方式表现。

Sylvia develop few activities of skill training, confidence building, and easy-to-follow guidelines work to establish proper balance, while improving sensitivity skills.

Sylvia 开展了几个技能培训,建立信心和容易遵循的指南实操,以建立适当的平衡,同时提高敏感性技能。

Inside the box you will get :-
1 set of Basic Taste Solution/ 基本口味训练套件
1 set of Mouthfeel Solution/ 口感训练套件
1 set of Smell Memory Kit/ 气味记忆套件
6 (25g) Different roasted coffee / 咖啡豆训练套件
100g Single origin coffee/ 单品咖啡豆
1 set worksheet download/ 工作表下载

1 webinar seat with Sylvia/ 1个与 Sylvia 的在线研讨会座位 , 10am-12pm

This is level 1 or beginner  sensory skills training. Next level will coming soon. We strongly suggest you start from this basic level with us.

Pre-order now, we will ship before your webinar.

put notes for us is your home don't have grinder, we will grind for you.

About Sylvia 

Sylvia has more than 15 years of experience in the F&B industry. She is a highly sought-after coffee consultant to many entrepreneurs both in Malaysia and Middle East; where she provides them with business solutions, product developments, taste profiling, and communication services among others. 

Earning her qualifications as an Authorised SCA Trainer, Certified CQI Grader, her expertise spans across barista, brewing, sensory, roasting, and the list goes on. Widely regarded for her ability in world-level judging,

Sylvia was the International Jury for Cup of Excellence, Barista Sensory Judge, and National Barista Championship in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Sylvia takes the lead in R&D for the world’s top food industry leader and the largest food company in the world. Driven by her curiosity, she developed the
aptitude of modifying recipes in order to attain impeccable taste for food production purposes.