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Santa Felisa | Red Catuai Fruit Maceration

Santa Felisa | Red Catuai Fruit Maceration

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TASTES LIKE lychee, white chocolate, passion fruit
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter

COUNTRY Guatemala
REGION Chimaltenango
PRODUCER Anabella and Antonio
Fruit Maceration - Natural
VARIETY Red Catuai
ALTITUDE 1,750 Meters

Agricultural Pioneers: The Meneses Siblings
The Meneses siblings have upheld values of integrity, quality, loyalty, and justice since taking over the "Santa Felisa" farm in 1904, now in its fourth generation. Anabella, an agronomist, ecologist, and Q-grader is working to bring farming to the next level by creating a concept of Precisely Agriculture, analyzing work done under the "Laws of Nature" and the needs of the community, and researching different methods to develop diverse flavors during the fermentation and drying process.

Meneses siblings firmly believe that sustainability practices, which include profitability, social responsibility, and environmental concerns, directly impact the quality of the coffee they produce. With this in mind, they are dedicated to not only growing specialty coffee but also to enhancing the lives of the community. As specialty coffee growers, they strive to make a positive difference in every aspect of their business.

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