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Panama Finca Hartmann Gesha | Natural

RM 110.00


  • Natural process
  • Growing Region: Chiriqui Province
  • Growing altitude: 1700 masl
  • Gesha Variety
  • Whole Bean Coffee - 120g/200g
  • Medium light roast.
  • Optimal brew: Filter 5-20 days

About the Farm: 

The first of this year's Hartmann Geisha releases, the Hartmann Geisha Natural, is from a lot called Enders as it was grown in a garden of a cabin built by Dr. Robert Enders. He constructed the little building in 1932 and it became both his home and practice. In 1950 Ratibor and Rinorah Hartmann bought the land that surrounded Dr. Ender’s home and began growing coffee. Ratibor loved the birds that lived on the farm and believed that a coffee farm ought to look more like a forest than a cornfield. Until his death in 1988 Dr. Enders and the Hartmann’s became close friends and enjoyed watching the coffee grow under the canopy of the old forest surrounded by the birds of the Santa Clara Mountain.

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