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Los Placeres | Ethiosar Natural

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Bean or Grind

TASTES LIKE golden raisin, cane sugar, lemon sorbet
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter


Coffee Details

COUNTRY Nicaragua
FARM Los Placeres
FARM MANAGER Oscar Guadalupe Ramos
VARIETY Ethiosar
PROCESS Natural Anaerobic at Low Temp. 48 hrs
HARVEST Oct-Feb 2021
ALTITUDE 840-970m
CERTIFICATION Rainforest Alliance


Fincas Mierisch comprises 9 coffee farms in Nicaragua, and 3 coffee farms in Honduras.

In Nicaragua, the farms are located in the Matagalpa and Jinotega departments. Matagalpa is home to 6 farms, whereas Jinotega, a little bit farther north-west, is home to 3 farms . Each farm has a unique micro-climate and soil composition, which makes their management, and coffee quality, truly distinct from one another.

The Ethiosar varietal

Ethiosar is a hybrid of the Ethiopian varietal Rume Sudan and Sarchimor. Those varietals are themselves hybrids. Rume Sudan is a Typica mutation out of Ethiopia. Sarchimor is a hybrid of Villa Sarchi, a natural dwarf mutation of Bourbon and Timor which is a cross between Robusta and Arabica species. This complex heritage means that there is a lot of genetic diversity in its makeup to offer not only disease resistance and yields but a vibrant cup profile.

How to Brew

The siphon brew uses steam pressure to pump water upwards and after removing the heat source a vacuum in the bottom chamber to allow the liquid down again through the cloth filter.