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El Zapote Y Anexos | Java Natural

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Bean or Grind

7 El Zapote Y Anexos - Guatemala 2021
winner of Cup of Excellence 2021  (Scores 89.3)

TASTES LIKE Sweet citrus, Cola, Floral, white grape
Medium Light Roast, Filter

Coffee Details

COUNTRY Guatemala
REGIONAgua Dulce, Cuilco
PRODUCER Wilfrido Hernan Perez Perez
PROCESSNatural Aerobic, Sun-drying, elevated beds for 20 days
ALTITUDE1800 masl
(Shade trees: Inga sp., Grevillea sp., and other native species. Maturation of fruits: 20 degrees Brix)

How to brew



Coffee 15gm
Water 255ml
Temp. 91-94c
Brew Time 2:30mins

Awards & Certifications

Rainforest Alliance
C.A.F.E. Practices

Cup of Excellence ®
7th. Place Cup of Excellence® Guatemala 2021
20th. Place Cup of Excellence® Guatemala 2020
16th. Place Cup of Excellence® Guatemala 2019
2nd. Place Cup of Excellence® (Presidential Mention) Guatemala 2018


In a little region named Agua Dulce, Cuilco, near Mexico’s border representing one of the most important coffee zones in Huehuetenango known as a Highland Huehue, is located El Zapote & Anexos (348 km from Guatemala City).

The coffee plantations are sown at an altitude that goes around 1,500 to 1,900 masl. The weather is between 18 to 22 Celsius degrees. Having around 1,500 to 2,000 mm of rainfall each year. Surrounded with mountainous terrain, and blessed with different microclimates that have allowed different coffee varieties growing in the perfect weather.


Not so long ago, in the late 1950s, El Zapote & Anexos farm was acquired by the Pérez Family, the production of green coffee was around 20 qq (9,071 kg). In the beginning, they only had Typica Coffee, in 1960 we started introducing new varieties like Red Bourbon and Red Caturra.

As the years passed the coffee farm continue expanding and increasing coffee production combining environmentally-friendly farming practices and focusing on human collaboration benefiting people and communities, giving us the result of high-quality coffee.

Now days are called El Zapote & Anexos, having 80 (ha) of territorial extension with coffee plantations sown, and distributed with our varieties: (40%) Red Catuaí, (25%) Red Caturra and the rest are Red B