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DISCOVER Roastery Start Up Courses

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SCA Sensory Foundation +
SCA Green Coffee Foundation +

SCA Roasting Foundation +
SCA Roasting Intermediate

Timetable for Master Roaster 

SCA Roasting Foundation 
1 Jun 22
SCA Roasting Intermediate
2 Jun 22
SCA Sensory Foundation 
15 May 22/ 12 Jun/ 1 Aug
SCA Green Coffee Foundation
24 Apr 22/ 13 Jun

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm  ( 6 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM6500
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM2025
Foundation Course: 25 Points

During Class, you will get: - 

  1. Course handouts and all training materials will be provided.
  2. Complimentary coffee beans
  3. We will support ongoing learning for 6 months online.
  4. Free to join our monthly cupping event and other up-skills programs in the year.

P/S. You will get an extra 10% discounted price for the course fee if you apply with 2 people.

中文教学课,请直接WHATSAPP 我们 +6011-6290 1313

How to brew

French Press


Coffee 18gm
Water 300ml
Temp. 91-94c
Brew Time 4:00mins

In 18m | Out 40gm
Time 20-22sec