DISCOVER Master Barista Course
DISCOVER Master Barista Course
DISCOVER Master Barista Course
DISCOVER Master Barista Course

DISCOVER Master Barista Course

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SCA Barista Foundation +
SCA Barista Intermediate  +
SCA Sensory Foundation +
SCA Brewing Foundation  

* You will get a complimentary Latte Art training that is worth RM450
* Training duration: 4 hours 

Timetable for Master Barista 

SCA Barista Foundation 
10 Jan 22
SCA Barista Intermediate
11-12 Jan 22
SCA Sensory Foundation 
20 Dec 22/ 24 Jan 22
SCA Brewing Foundation
19 Feb 22

Duration: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm  ( 5 days include Exam )
Course Fees: RM4750
SCA Certificate/Exam Fees: RM2025
Foundation Course: 25 Points

During Class, you will get: - 

  1. Course handouts and all training materials will be provided.
  2. Complimentary coffee beans
  3. We will support ongoing learning for 6 months online.
  4. Free to join our monthly cupping event and other up-skills programs in the year.

Why Do you need to sign up for this course?
Knowing the concept of opening a Cafe and running a Cafe business, consulting them with cafe settings such as operating coffee machines, train baristas to evaluate the coffee extractions with a certain knowledge of tastings perception ( sensory ) as well as basic V60 brewing parameters. 

Starter or experienced cafe owners are welcome to sign this up for advanced knowledge, not to be the best, but just to minimize the difficulties and challenges during the cafe operations. 

P/S. You will get an extra 10% discounted price for the course fee if you apply with 2 people.

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DISCOVER Master Barista Course