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Discover Cold Brew Pack (10x15gm)

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Greatly introduce our cold brew pack that is firstly distributed in MALAYSIA.
Ground, prepared, and easy-to-drink, anywhere at any time.

Our very own cold brew pack comes with 2 flavors, one will be >FRUITY< and another is >BOLD<

💥GET YOURS NOW AND TRY! We have also included a mini step-by-step guide for every of your consumption, follow them and get salvations easily.💥

Why COLD BREW Pack? 

Scrap the idea of preparing Mason Jar / Linen cloth / Big amount of ground coffee and the hassle of sieving the extracted coffee separated from the ground coffee. Even saving the extra amount of extracted coffee that needs to be placed in the refrigerator FOR MONTHS.Additionally, we encourage consumers who didn't like the bitterness of HOT extracted coffees, can consider a cold brew pack as their FIRST CHOICE> as it tends to taste SWEETER, CREAMIER body, And LONGER aftertaste.

Coffee Information

FRUITY 💥High sweetness, medium-low Acidity, Low bitterness, and Long Sweet aftertaste.

BOLD 💥medium low sweetness, low Acidity, Medium bittersweet and long aftertaste, creamy body

How to Brew ☕️

- Enjoy our Cold Brew Pack with easy, efforts saving and low coffee wastage, and brew it within 12-17 hours with our prepared coffee grounds as well as the sieving coffee bag. ☀️ Personally distributed by Discover Coffee☀️

- ☀️cold brew pack only needs TIME to brew it for you. All you have to do is do the TIME plan - WHEN to put your bag into your given bottle, add up water, shake well, put in refrigerator and brew within 12-17 hours, and VOILA, ready-to-drink!!

All ready for you with the mini info brochure, just step-by-step to Better Coffee!