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LOCO Lot#007 - Xi | Culturing Process

RM 60.00

TASTES LIKE cinnamon, pepermint, lemongrass
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter

COUNTRY Colombia
ORIGIN Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda
FARM La Riviera
PRODUCER Andres Quiceno
PROCESS Culturing
Altitude 1600-1750 masl


What is the Culturing Process ?
Many years slowly we are getting into the fermentation High-Kick trend , and it is still going strong throughout these years , we have heard Kombucha / sourdough yeast fermentation. And so the culturing process IS the coffee’s natural fermentation with using natural ingredients during fermenting process.

The process :
1. Using natural ( No artificial flavors ) only crushed fruits & Spices and place them tight in a container for 8 days to ensure the yeast is growing well before coffee cherries being picked and ready for fermentation

2. After coffee cherries are picked , they will be washed with water of 15 - 20 degree to remove floaters and bad bacteria.

3. After de-pulping , coffee will be placed in the fermentation tank for 48 hours , to reach the optimum level of temperature , Sucrose level and PH value.

4. When enzymes in the container and the pre-ferment coffee beans have reached the same optimum requirements for anaerobic fermentation , they will pour into culturing containers and mix .
The anaerobic fermentation lasts for 180 hours.

5. After fermentation , coffee beans will be washed thoroughly clean , and move them to raised beds and drying for 15 - 20 days to reach the moisture level of 11.5 % .

Andres Quiceno producer named this process as "Xi" Process as the tasting flavors reminded of Chinese sweet spices and an inspired Chinese word of ” 喜 “ .