At the forefront of coffee trends, Sylvia brings with her 15 years of experience in the F&B industry. She is a highly sought-after coffee consultant to many entrepreneurs both in Malaysia and Middle East; where she provides them with business solutions, product developments, taste profiling, and communication services among others. Earning her qualifications as an Authorised SCA Trainer, Certified CQI Grader. Widely regarded for her ability in world-level judging, Sylvia was the International Jury for Cup of Excellence, Barista Sensory Judge.

Paving the way for specialty coffee as one of the pioneers, Sylvia is devoted to discovering,
building long-term relationship, and supporting a community of individual farmers to create value and promote sustainability. Working with over 30 farmers around the world including Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and many others, Sylvia became one of the founders for Discover Coffee, a place equipped with specialty coffee labs and micro-roasting apparatus for coffee roasting.
During her downtime, Sylvia still keeps herself busy by engaging and assisting in a plethora of cupping events, namely countries like Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, andSingapore. A firm believer in the idea of sharing is caring; Sylvia consistently reaffirmed her commitment by openly instilling coffee knowledge to the public. Through the integration of education, she believes more people will learn to appreciate and grow deeper in love with the art of drinking coffee.

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