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Widely recognized as an international award-winning barista, Sam has received many notable Championship titles including Fushan Cup International Barista Championship, FHA Challenges of Barista Asia, and Illy Latte Art Throw down among others. As an Authorized SCA Trainer, Sam has extensive experience teaching and coaching students both in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. She has certified more than 100 international students in less than 2 years across Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. In terms of corporate coaching, Sam has steered over 10 new start-up coffee businesses in their early entrepreneurial stages.

Leveraging her finesse in the hospitality and education industry, Sam has assisted the World’s Top 10 Culinary Institute in Dubai - the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA), in setting up their Education Coffee Centre. From customizing course programmes and syllables to providing specialized barista training skills, Sam was profoundly honoured by a team of world-class culinary specialists.