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Roasting 1-1 Training

Roasting 1-1 Training

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This course will provide you with practical knowledge to start or improve your coffee roasting operation and setup. We will assist in finding your learning skills, markets, and much more. Understand roast profiling and data-logging tool that improves consistency and repeatability by capturing the relationship between time and temperature as the roast progresses, and can be used to log different phases (e.g., drying phase, yellow, cinnamon, etc) and key events such as the first and second crack, as well as the start and end of the roast:

  • Coffee roasting technology and machinery
  • Learn about the relationship between time and temperature in the roast profile, as well as the key phases and events involved
  • in common visual and sensory roast defects that can occur during the roasting process. understand the causes and how can reduce these from happening.
  • Learn green coffee knowledge, origin, processing, import and export requirement, supplier, and defects.
  • Learn how to design your own signature blend, repeat, and QC.
  • Know the different quality control instruments and measurements available, and have an appreciation of why coffee cupping is the ultimate form of quality control from a sensory perspective.
  • Roastery setup, costing, marketing, green bean sourcing, packing, and production flow.

1-1 Coaching,24 hours on side training 
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