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Granja Paraiso 92 | Striped Bourbon Koji

Granja Paraiso 92 | Striped Bourbon Koji

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TASTES LIKE peach, lychee, rambutan
ROAST Medium Light Roast, Filter
Barista Sam- MBC 2023 competition coffee, 2nd runner-up

COUNTRY Colombia
REGION Piendamó, Cauca
PRODUCER Wilton Benitez
Koji + Thermal shock
VARIETY Striped Bourbon

Biochemical Changes in Coffee Cherries During Thermal Shock

When coffee cherries undergo thermal shock, it can trigger a series of biochemical changes. The heat can destroy enzymes like catalase, pectinase, and peroxidases that kickstart the bean's fermentation process. By halting their activity, oxidation processes can be minimized, which results in longer shelf life for the beans.

Additionally, by introducing specific microbial strains to oversee the fermentation, you'll have better control over the enzymes that are produced. This, in turn, can affect the type of fermentation processes that take place, such as lactic or malic fermentation, which can enhance the fruity notes present in the cup of coffee.

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