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Discover Pocket Drip Bag

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Discover Coffee Hanging Drip-bag Filters ensures coffee drinkers to get freshly roasted beans in each drip-bag filter pouch that we personally packed for you.

The Fresh Roasted Coffee process reaches completion when you truly taste a coffee's origin...and nothing extra. We strive to deliver good quality coffee beans in order to reach consumers' ideal coffee consumption.

Product Details

• HANGING EAR POUR OVER DISPOSABLE – 10 packs of drip bag in a box, disposable single-serve drip coffee filters for those who love great coffee on the go!

• READY TO DRINK COFFEE - This unique hanging ear hook design allows you to brew hot water into your cup, and enjoy your coffee!

• TRAVEL BESTFRIEND - Pour over coffee on the go (camping, traveling, or in the office). Open your drop bag, hang ear to your cup, hot water in and you’re done!

• GIFT IDEAS – Christmas gifts, birthday ideas, or best friends gifts for those who really enjoy coffees!

Coffee Information

Our signature Dark Roast Blend
Colombian Arabica

Ethiopia Washed Arabica

How to Brew ☕️

1. Tear-Tear filter at the top along the perforation.

2. Stretch – Stretch both hangers and fix on the mug/server/bottles

3. Swelling – Pour hot water (92-96c) on the coffee grounds and fill up till 150ml -180ml

4. Remove- Remove the filter, then enjoy a cup of fresh-brewed coffee.

Flavors that we have for you

1- DARK - dark roast level, taste strong, bittersweet, no acidity, heavy body, and bold.

2- JOY - medium roast level,
Taste fruity, citric fruit acidity, sugary body, Sweet.

3- STILL - medium roast level,
Taste smooth, balanced