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Whatcha doing this weekend?

How What's that one thing that you can do with your friends or your partner for just a couple of hours on a weekend that's fun, unique and best of all, you get to learn something?


Let us bring you on a Coffee Discovery Adventure.

It's like a wine tasting workshop. Except that it's with coffee.



"That’s A Good Cup Of Coffee!”

How many times have you heard this phrase? How does one know what ‘good coffee’ is? Let us bring you through the basics of from its origins in Ethiopia to the coffee in its ubiquitous form today. From growing the cherries to grading, from roasting to brewing, we’ll bring you step by step till you can say, like a coffee connoisseur, “That’s a good cup of coffee!”



Time: 10am to 2pm

Day: 13 Aug, 27 Aug 2022

Fees: RM250

Bring: lots of passion and laughter



Create an unforgettable weekend with friends!


What Fun Stuff You’ll Be Learning!

COFFEE ORIGINS – the different regions, the 4-3-2-1 coffee's journey, state of the industry, get to know beans, species, varieties, specialty coffees, harvesting & processing

FRESHNESS - storing coffee, freshness variables

SENSORY – understanding human senses, taste recognition & flavour perception; how the origin, terroir, species, processing, roasting influence the sensory experience

BREWING – cupping, brew methods, brewing principles, controlling brewing time, extraction and its sensory impacts

WATER – understanding correct water temperature and the impact of water quality