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  • Xi Process - The Culturing Process
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LOCO Series - Xi | Culturing Process

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Country: Colombia
Origin: Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda
Farm: La Riviera
Farmer: Andres Quiceno
Altitude: 1600-1750 masl
Annual Rainfall: 1900mm
Variety: Caturra
Process: Culturing
Mouisture: 11.2%
Density: 748

Taste Notes
cinnamon, pepermint, lemongrass 


What is the Culturing Process ?
Many years slowly we are getting into the fermentation High-Kick trend , and it is still going strong throughout these years , we have heard Kombucha / sourdough yeast fermentation. And so the culturing process IS the coffee’s natural fermentation with using natural ingredients during fermenting process.

The process :
1. Using natural ( No artificial flavors ) only crushed fruits & Spices and place them tight in a container for 8 days to ensure the yeast is growing well before coffee cherries being picked and ready for fermentation

2. After coffee cherries are picked , they will be washed with water of 15 - 20 degree to remove floaters and bad bacteria.

3. After de-pulping , coffee will be placed in the fermentation tank for 48 hours , to reach the optimum level of temperature , Sucrose level and PH value.

4. When enzymes in the container and the pre-ferment coffee beans have reached the same optimum requirements for anaerobic fermentation , they will pour into culturing containers and mix .
The anaerobic fermentation lasts for 180 hours.

5. After fermentation , coffee beans will be washed thoroughly clean , and move them to raised beds and drying for 15 - 20 days to reach the moisture level of 11.5 % .

Andres Quiceno producer named this process as "Xi" Process as the tasting flavors reminded of Chinese sweet spices and an inspired Chinese word of ” 喜 “ .

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